Volleyball Never Stops For Olympia Girls

Volleyball Never Stops For Olympia Girls

By Hannah Talley, OHS Torch Reporter

Illini Elite is very popular at Olympia High School. Many girls play volleyball all year around to keep working hard and to get better for High School season.

There are two types of teams through Illini Elite. There is the expansion team which is where you play in local tournaments and the Elite team that travels. For example, the Elite team travels to Florida for a tournament every year.

Sophomore Kalli Terrell has been playing volleyball for 6 years and has played Illini Elite for 4 years. She has played on both the expansion team and the Elite team. She has enjoyed playing Illini Elite and meeting new people.

“I like how you meet new people and every year you tryout for Illini Elite you are on a new team with new girls. I have considered playing in college but I’m not sure where I want to play. Last year I was on the Elite team and traveled to Florida, and although it was fun, it was still a lot of work and a tough commitment and I wasn’t able to do other things,” said Terrell.

Some girls say they did volleyball for fun and wanted to try something new. Others will tell you they were inspired by their older siblings who they were dragged all over to watch their games.

Junior Dani Litwiller was inspired by her older sister Ashley who also played volleyball in High School and in college at Illinois Wesleyan. Dani loved going to her sister’s game and watching her play.

“I play on the Illini Elite expansion team. I decided to play for expansion because I don’t have the time to travel with the Elite team. I would love to continue playing volleyball career at Illinois Wesleyan,” said Litwiller.

Illini Elite is a very competitive and long commitment but if you love volleyball and want to participate and play all year round talk to Dani or Kalli about getting started. It’s never too late to start something if you love it, go for it.

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