ASAG - Stephan/TBA
    This page is a joint effort of Karin Stephan and ..TBA.. for the American Studies / American Government (ASAG) course.  ASAG is actually two separate semester-long courses, ASAG I and ASAG II.  Successfully completing ASAG I awards an American Govt credit AND credit for the U.S. Constitution exam.  Passing ASAG II awards a student with their American Studies credit.

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At the left you can find three links of interest for each semester's course. 
    The syllabus link will show you the general flow of what the class will be studying throughout the semester.
    Selecting the calendar will show you specifically what the class is doing on a particular day AND what an absent student can be doing to stay caught up.
    Links of Interest will take you to a page with lots of interesting history (and related) websites.  They may be of interest to fans of history OR may be used in class.  Some are designed for younger kids, but still have good info...some are heavily video oriented and some may just be fun..for the sake of fun - like the "story of chocolate."  Check 'em out.