Classroom Management Plan
                                      Classroom Management Plan

A.  Dress Requirements  (28.3%)
       All students are required and expected to wear proper dress each day  to  get full credit.  The following are portions that will fullful the dress requirement:
--The official Olympia Physical Education T-shirt
--Any t-shirt and shorts in Olympia school colors (blue, white, gray or black).  Writing must be Olympia related.
--White socks should be worn.
--Athletic style shoes are required.
--Sweats may be worn in cooler weather and do not need to be in school colors as long as the PE uniform is under the sweats.

Dress items not allowed are as follows:
--Flip-flops, Crocs, boots or other non-athletic shoes
--All non t-shirt tops or tank tops.
--Torn sleeves, ripped neck, holes in clothes of shirts or shorts. 
--Writing (graffiti_ on shirts or shots.

Students not dressing or wearing clothing not allowed will be assigned a No Dress and will lose dress point for the day.  No Dresses may not be made up!!

B.  Participation (28.3%)
      Physical Education is a participation based class.  When a student is in class and participates as expected, he/she will recive 5 points for the day.  The following criteria apply to class participation:
--Good attitude and participation
--Listening and following instructions
--Working well with others and well as independently
--Staying on taks
--Doing your best and readily participating in the assigned activity.

C.  Written tests, quizzes, fitness tests and literacy assignments (28.3) 
        Each unit of study may include a written test covering rules, strategy and history of the activity.  Fitness Tests will also be a major part of a student's grade. 

D.  Absences from Class
       When recovering from an illness or injury, a note will home will excuse you for the day.  All medical excuses need to be made up.  See me for a make-up form.
         A doctor's note is required for "excuses" that are longer than 3 days.  The days do need to be made up and see me for a make-up form.

All make up forms should be returned as expeditiously as possible.  Usually one week from the last day of absence is sufficient time to do this.  

Illness or injury that goes for more than a week are made up with written and literacy work that I will assign.
**It is a student's responsibility to request needed make-up forms.