Creative Writing
In a nutshell, students are going to write. A lot.

We’ll write on paper, on computers, and on small children using wide-ended Sharpie markers (okay, I’m kidding about that last one), but our goal for this course is to take what students know about story-telling, as well as their own ideas and memories, and turn them into wonderful short stories, poems, and maybe even plays or movies.  

We’ll do some online publishing, and we’ll learn a lot about what goes into writing a good piece of literature. There will be some terms to learn, some papers to write and some tests to take, but it will all be practical stuff that will help students do better with their writing.

This class is an elective and can be taken only by students who have completed English 1 and 2. It's fun, but it's a lot of work. Hopefully by the end of the experience, though, students will have a nice little portfolio of original work for which they can be proud.