English 2: Communication
A major part of this class is for students to learn how to communicate effectively, so that means we’re going to do quite a few speeches, especially over the course of the first several weeks. But students should not fret! We’ll also spend plenty of time getting used to being in front of people and learning exactly how to give a great speech. I won’t send them up in front of the class unprepared. Cross my heart.

We’ll also do a lot of the other stuff you’ve grown accustomed to doing in an English class.  We’ll read a novella (“Of Mice and Men”), some mythology (“The Odyssey”), and a Shakespearean play (“Hamlet”). With all of that comes a persuasive essay, a narrative essay, and a research paper, so  on top of giving your speeches students also will read and write quite a bit. It’s a busy semester filled with all kinds of great stuff, but I’ll make sure to make it all as fun and interesting as possible!