English 3: American Literature
This class is American Literature, which means that we’ll read a variety of texts by American authors of wide-ranging races, religions, and heritages. We’ll re-learn things about America that students thought they already knew, only to have the whole thing get turned upside down.  We’ll read sick and twisted Gothic tales, groundbreaking poetry, and thought-provoking essays and stories from all over America’s history.

At times, this class will feel a little history-y, but that’s okay. I’m not asking students to learn tons of names and dates and battles and generals; I’m asking you to read stories from the hearts and minds of the people that came before us, to learn how they felt about the world—what they were afraid of, excited about, passionate toward. History gives us the facts, but literature gives us the heart.

Students should expect to do a significant amount of writing in this class, everything from fiction to research papers and everything in between. Through this and nightly readings, they should garner a better understanding of what it really means to be American, and how that definition has changed over the last few centuries.