Natalie Cahill

Señora Cahill
‚ÄčCahill 2015

Dear students, parents, guardians,

¡Hola!  Bienvenidos a la clase de español.  Me llamo Señora Cahill.  Hello and welcome to Spanish class!  My name is Mrs. Cahill.  I look forward to being your teacher this semester as you are studying SPANISH.  It may seem intimidating at first, but I hope to make your experience a good one.  You will need to keep up with your homework assignments,  listen and participate in class, as well as open up your mind to learn about the many and different countries that speak Spanish.  Señorita Monken will be joining us as our student teacher from Illinois Wesleyan University.  

MI HORARIO:  My Schedule:
1st block Spanish 1 8:25-9:50
2nd block Spanish 1 9:55-11:12
Lunch 11:20-11:50
Junior Advisory 11:55-12:20
4th block Spanish 3 12:25-1:50
5th block Prep Period 1:55-3:20

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