Physical Science Syllabus

Physical Science Syllabus
Mr. Cleary

Chemistry Unit

  • Structures and Properties of Matter

  • Chemical Reactions

Physics Unit

  • Forces and Motion

  • Types of Interactions

Energy Unit

  • Energy

  • Conservation of Energy

  • Energy Transfer

Dynamic Earth Unit

  • Ecosystems

  • Earth and Solar System

  • Plate Tectonics

  • Water Resources & Natural Resources

Student Expectations

I can be Respectful.

  • I can treat others with kindness.

  • I can show compassion and empathy.

  • I can be in my assigned seat when the bell rings and be ready to begin class.

  • I can act with respect toward others, for other’s property, and for myself.

  • I can listen to others’ ideas and wait until it’s my turn to speak.

I can be Responsible.

  • I can bring all required materials to class - this includes 3-ring binder, pencil, books, assignments, etc. and a good attitude.

  • I can complete my assignments in a timely manner.

  • I can follow directions the first time.

  • I can take initiative.

I can take ownership of my learning and Advocate for myself.

  • I can ask for help when needed.

  • I can use mistakes to help me learn.

  • I can seek resources to enhance my learning.

  • I can challenge myself and take risks.

  • I can try my best every day.

I can Collaborate with my peers and others.

  • I can work with others in a team.

  • I can communicate through various means.

  • I can work with others to solve problems.

  • I can encourage others to fulfill their potential.

I can Persevere and try my Best every day.

  • I can try every day to do the best that I can.

  • I can set goals, determine how to achieve these goals, and set deadlines.

  • I can evaluate my progress toward meeting my goals on a daily basis.

  • I can stay on task and perform those activities which are asked of me.

  • I can strive to never give up.

Grading / Assignments

20% Homework / Class Work
20% Labs                  
30% Projects/Assessments/Other
30% Tests & Quizzes   

94-100             A

86-93               B

77-85               C

70-76               D

69 or less         F

Make-up Work:  For each school day that is missed, a student will be allowed one additional day for each absence upon returning to make up missed work.  If students miss an experiment, they may be given an alternate assignment to complete.  

Requirements: 3-ring binder, paper, and pens/pencils

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School Phone: 309-379-5911 ext. 9311