Child Care
Child Care students will complete a work practicum activity, where they work with a staff member at Olympia West or at OMS. Students will be assigned a staff member based on their interests and abilities.  Most students work with teachers to explore the field of education. The students will explore classroom management, safety and sanitation, and lesson planning and activities. Students will attend the site 6 to 8 times on a weekly basis. 
Each student will care for an infant simulator over a weekend.  The simulators are programmed to cry and the student then has to problem solve and tend to the needs of the infant- it will need to be fed, diapered, rocked or burped.  The program uses a computer sensor to determine the timeliness of the care provided to the simulator. Students complete a packet of questions and a parent evaluation of the simulation.
Students will research and present assignments on Birth defects, nursery needs, and prepare and implement a lesson plan. Presentation of material will include guest speakers and a field trip.